About me

Hi! I am Mansi Jaysal, a book worm, herbivore and a strong advocate of kindness to animals and (sometimes)humans too. I am also a mum to a human toddler and a few four legged furries (numbers change) and  comfortably married to the love of my life. I am a compulsive archivist of memories & experiences and a firm believer in the power & potential of a kinder world. I am consciously attempting to simplify and declutter in both emotional & physical domains of my life and learning to live in the present.
In the parallel mundane world,I call the city of Bangalore,India my home.I hold a Masters degree in the field of Public Health Dentistry and currently work as faculty in a dental school.

I like to express my thoughts, opinions and  experiences and that’s why , just another word press site.
You can reach me at mansijaysal@gmail.com


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